Parkview Manor formally opened on Sunday, January 9, 1966. The facility was owned and operated entirely by the people of the Reinbeck Community and provided the most modern custodial and nursing care in the area. Today majority ownership still belongs within the community.

The Board of Directors was then and still is, made up of community members. The initial group arranged for the necessary financing through the sale of common stock and debentures, raising some $118,000 and engaged the Colonial Homes, Inc. of Clarion, Iowa to act as general contractor’s. 

Community interest in the original project varied from time to time….some people were not very optimistic while others were more enthusiastic and their dedication never seemed to faultier. Because of these staunch individuals it was certain that the project would not be denied. 

In 1976, an addition of 8 units plus employee lounge and rehabilitation room was built on the west end of the facility. A laundry area was also included in this addition allow this service to be moved to the main floor from the basement.

Fast forward to 2001, the Board of Directors moved to enter into a management agreement with Allen Memorial Hospital. This would continue until 2010 when Western Home Communities became the managing partner.

2014 was an active year on the Parkview Campus. That summer The Elm’s, a 12-unit assisted living center was built and opened offering another option for older adults who can still do many of their day to day activities for themselves but need some help to remain active and independent. Fall of 2014 brought the addition of Westview Estates, the independent option under the campus umbrella thus fulfilling the continuum of services for seniors.
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